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Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM) Tool

The ITRM Tool is aimed to serve the requirements of IT companies. The software is evolved from the latest technologies offered by Microsoft and is so designed to enhance the resource operations by integrating various processes involved in the recruiting IT Talent.

Sankara IT Solutions has developed this unique application which reflects the definiteness of purpose. The software offers a fully integrated and centralized recruiting system that promotes communication and control throughout the organization, the tool helps companies with the regular resource management, along with the following recruitment/placement express features:
Candidate Search - The tool enables the technical recruiters search for candidates based on advanced selection criteria and helps find suitable candidate with in seconds and provides complete information about the consultant/candidate along with an easy access to the saved resume through a link, avoiding time in searching for the same in physical directories, the tool in turn opens up lines of communication between recruiting executives and consultants while facilitating efficient distribution of information via email notifications.
Clients Management – The tool provides options to save clients based on their type, mid client/end client. All the clients information is secured and can be retrieved when required through the client search and through reports, the tool gives information about the clients added/updated within a time span and helps the clients manager of firm manage client in a better and efficient way, the tool has option to add remarks and update the clients information and get reports based on the client’s type, category, date-updated, date-added.
Jobs Posting – The ITRM tool maintains all the jobs/requirements in an efficient way enabling the sales managers to post their requirements, assign to available marketing and recruiting executives of the consulting firm through user friendly web interface with options to notify other sub contractors and candidates who match the category of the job posted though emails, the tool enables the firms to format all their out-going emails through one file, while the applications automatically fills the required information from the jobs posted, the requirement for posting a job is an available client.
Submission Process – The candidate submission process now becomes hassle free with the use of HRTool as it automates the process to a largerextent and helps marketing executives of the firm to select a job/requirement and submit candidates, the tool follows a three step process to submit candidates against a requirement, the candidate selection, the required information respective to the job selected and the direct email to the client manager, responsible for the requirement at the client side, and automatic resume attachment as picked from the candidate’s profile, The assumptions for the candidate submissions are: an open job, an available candidate and a valid email of the client’s manager.
The Reports - As the tool is built on an extensive database which serves the requests of clients, sales reps, consultants and the organization withease and efficiency it helps generate various reports based on a selection criteria to the executives of the company, the workflow can be analyzed over a time span and day-to-day work of each and every HR executive is easily traced with the reports options and this adds value to the tool as it overcomes the individual physical monitoring of work flow. The various reports designed for specific purposes are the result of extensive research in this field.

vmACT - VMS (Vendor Management Tool)

vmACT - Vendor Management System (VMS) is an online workforce procurement application, which provides a link between Human Resources, Staffing vendors, and temporary and contract employees. vmACT streamlines the creation, distribution, and tracking of position requirements for full-time hiring and the contract worker procurement process as well as the interaction between clients and their suppliers. The system provides functionality to view historical data by department, position, or location. vmACT works with multiple staffing vendors and allows users to monitor usage from all of these vendors. Additionally, vmACT provides Web-based time and expense tracking, which generates consolidated supplier invoicing and is supported by a robust management-reporting engine.
Job Order Requisition: Input temporary staffing orders 24/7 with immediate access to your vendors.
E-mail Verification: Receive electronic notifications confirming all requests and assignments.
Order Tracking: Track the status of orders on-line from anywhere at your convenience.
Timesheet Submission and Authorization: Review and approve timesheets on-line, eliminating errors and endless paper trails
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Activity Summary/Reporting: Capture critical information and generate reports with real-time data.
Invoice Submission, Tracking and Approval: Approve all invoices on-line..
Vendor Management System is designed to manage staffing needs of any Company from one consistent application. It manages the complete vendor management cycle from strategy to execution. VMS creates a marketplace where vendors can receive job requisitions in real-time and respond online with their candidate submissions. vmACT-VMS enables companies to hire faster, more cost effectively and in a controlled and measurable manner.

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